Jason Cruise Bio


Jason Cruise

Jason Cruise is a published author, founder of Mission Media & Resource Group, and the host of Spring Chronicles on Sportsman Channel's media platform.

Backstory On Jason Cruise's Path To Outdoor Ministry 

Jason Cruise was one of the early pioneers in the world of outdoor ministry. After many years of pastoring churches, his calling took him into the outdoor industry arena as a missionary to outdoorsmen.

As a sought after speaker, you'll find Jason connecting with audiences across the nation at men's conferences, denominational events, and wild game dinners. His fingerprints are on many of the outdoor ministry projects in publication today. He's a published author, has edited Bibles for major Christian publishers wishing to reach outdoorsmen, written for magazines, and produced a wide range of DVDs and videos, all of which are created to bring hunters closer to the God that made the dirt under their boots.

In referring to his story, Jason states, "A family tree can provide wild insights into a man's story. My family tree is filled with men who valued tree stands, fox hounds, cabins, bass boats, a good truck, deer hunts, guns, and great stories. As far back as my soul can search, I cannot find a time when hunting was separated from my genetic code. Growing up the son of an outdoor store owner in a small town, I was exposed to every facet of outdoor life. It was a man's world, and I admired the men in it. Hunting was as core of a part of my young identity as oxygen was to my blood stream. Late in my teenage years my story changed dramatically when I was confronted with the reality of my position outside of God's family. After accepting Christ as my Savior, I immediately began to feel God call me into a lifetime of ministry. I simply had no idea at the time that the roots of my family tree would play a tangible role in the harvest to come later. After serving churches in various pastoral roles in Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama, God began to birth in me a vision. A vision founded at the confluence of my heart for God and my heart for the outdoors. Now, some twenty years into ministry, I can see the sovereignty of God as He has shaped the journey of my life before I ever took my first breath. Every book I write, every video I produce, every time I step up on a stage and speak to a crowd, I can feel God using the camo-clad stories of my past to tell outdoorsmen of the only hope for their future."



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Family ... 

Wife, Michelle
Sons, Cole and Tucker


Education ...

A.S., Sociology, Motlow State Community College
B.S., Sociology, Univ. of North Alabama
M.Div, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
D.Min, Fuller Theological Seminary

Statement of Faith

Written Works ... 

Blind Insights (Sportsman Channel 2013)

Blind Insights (Waterfowl Series for Sportsman Channel)

The Outdoorsman's Bible (Zondervan 2012)
Reaching Disconnected Men Through Outdoor Ministry (Doctoral Project, 2008)
Outdoor Obsessions Magazine (Publishing Editor, 2008)
Into The High Country (B&H 2006)
The Sportsman's Bible (B&H 2005)
Heart of a Sportsman (B&H 2004)

Produced Works ...

Spring Chronicles (Producer, Web series for Sportsman Channel)
DNA (2014)

Close Encounters DVD Study (Zondervan 2012)
The Record Book (2011)
Lord of the Spring (2010)
Along The Road (2010)
Polarized (2008)
Fingerprints of God (2007)
Life: Alaska (2007)
My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad (2007)
Outdoor Ministry: The Next Level (2006)
Building An Outdoor Ministry (2005)

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